Our Mission
Dialogue Driven provides insider knowledge for aspiring screenwriters and producers.  The company's founders have worked in all areas of the business -- management, production, legal services -- and have extensive insider knowledge of what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry. 

Dialogue Driven's entertainment industry professionals provide -- at affordable fees -- the opportunity for emerging talent to receive the development assistance usually only available to established writers and producers working in the studio system.

Dialogue Driven's experts will:

1.  Give an honest evaluation of your material.
2.  Give specific notes on how and where to improve your material.
3.  Develop a pitching strategy for your project.
4.  Navigate through the 'terms' of the entertainment business. 
5.  Develop a strategy to get your material out to the marketplace.

Our mission is to evaluate and assist you in developing your material -- feature, television or new media -- to its fullest potential.

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